Roast Type Color of Roast Surface of Bean Notes
Light, Cinnamon, New England Light Brown Dry Taste can be sour and grainy. Roast not available.
Medium, City American Medium Brown Dry Flavorfully developed, acidity is bright and the green beans characteristics are clear.
Viennese, Full City, Light French Medium-Dark Brown Dry to droplets of oil on bean The green beans characteristics begin muting. Acidity is diminished.
Dark, French, Italian Dark Brown Shiny surface Green bean characteristics and acidity muted. Bittersweet tones dominate.
Heavy, Dark French, Spanish Very dark brown Very shiny surface Acidity gone. Bitter sweetness with hints of burned or charred tones.
Dark French, Neopolitan Black Brown Shiny surface! All characteristics of green coffee are gone. Body is thin and flavor is reduced. Charred and burned tones dominate.