The main coffee growing regions of the world are central and south America, Africa and Indonesia. Coffee is grown between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. For the most part, most of the flavor differences between arabica beans result not from differences in the plants themselves but from the variations in moisture, climate and soil compositions of the region in which the coffee is grown, hence the regional classification of coffees. Of the hundreds of species of coffee grown, Coffea Arabica is considered the finest. Here are a few examples of how the taste can change depending on where the coffee is grown:

Brazil : The best Brazils are mild, sweet and medium-bodied. The delicate acidity makes this a favorite for medium roasting.

Guatemalan : A smooth, full bodied, well balanced cup with bittersweet chocolate undertones.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe : Floral and piquant character dominates this coffee! With a rich, soft-toned acidity, pungent mid tones and a medium to heavy body, this is considered one of the world's most distinctive coffees. One of our favorites!

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