Origins and Blends
Zaynee Gray Blend
A great morning coffee, this is a medium blend with a caffeine kick! Excellent choice as a cappuccino too.

Tsuga Tsunami Blend
Taste the deep rich dark roasts of the Pacific Northwest with this smooth, not bitter blend.

Starry Night Blend
A beautiful half caffeinated blend of contrasting dark adn medium roasts. Perfect as an after dinner coffee or Espresso.

SWISS WATER® Decaf Espresso Blend
The 100% chemical free, unique and patented SWISS WATER® decaffeination process maintains the coffees' distinct origin characteristics. As one of the only decaffeination processes in the world with organic certification, the SWISS WATER® Process signifies health, great taste, and quality. This blend is excellent for drip or espresso brewing.

Custom Blends Available
Please contact us for details.

The subtle nuttiness shines through in this full bodied, low acidity- easy on the tummy cup of coffee.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
This coffee is full bodied with floral notes and a winey finish. A wonderful, long lasting coffee flavor.

A smooth, full bodied, well balanced cup with bittersweet chocolate undertones.

Organic Sumatra
- One Word - Sumatra