About Us
Community Focus - We Care

We take great pride in the professional quality of our work and the integrity of our relationship with the community and environment. As a local business, our customers are our neighbors with whom we foster long term relationships. Striving to be the best, not the biggest, we focus on our customers' individual needs and aim to be their best resource for coffee, coffee services and coffee education.

Equipment, Packaging, Practices - Environmentally Friendly

Cape Foulweather Coffee Company utilizes modern roasting technology without losing hand crafted tradition. Using a gas drum roaster, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and customize the roast profile for each coffee we offer. The afterburner we use during roasting not only protects our environmental air quality but burns up the volatile smoky gases that can cause other coffees to taste burned or bitter. Quality and consistency are priorities and we regularly cup each roast.

We support the sustainability of coffee producers and make conscious efforts to use the finest quality green beans in our products. We use Blue Sky Power, a renewable energy source and compost the waste produced during the roasting process. Everyday, we practice the philosophy of environmental stewards by promoting the health and sustainability of our environment and community through our professional and personal actions.